When we began in 2011, we had a vision: to change the internet. It's a tough nut to crack, and we had no idea how to approach it. It had to be new, social, and free for all to create and collaborate across.  So, we set out to be the leader in polling platforms. Polls say so much in so little. They're share information that captivates us and fascinates us. And that's why we thought it made sense to have a website of user made and delivered captivating content. 

Midzy is an online platform for finding out what people think about any & everything. Our platform allows for all sorts of opinions to be represented in the most non-biased and powerful way: numeric values. Our simplistic and fluid interface is built for average ol Joe, and our founding team is still young. We're not just the average free survey creation tool. Midzy goes so far beyond free polls, with our patent-pending Community Answers, or our polls with incentives in them. 

Be apart of a community of polls, add to that community, or create your own community. Midzy is a place for related online questionnaires to call home.

Now, with a social polling app and social polling site, we hope the experience is as easy and fun as ever.