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Commuity Answers

Most polls don't have all the answer choices that people want. Community Answers
is a way for you (the answerer of the poll) to add your own answer. It works by
allowing anyone to scroll down below the poll to the "Community Answers" section.
There, you will find a box where you can type in. Type your desired answer in there.
Click "Post". If other people answering the poll see your suggested answer and
agree it should be in the poll, they will click "Add This Answer". Once that happens,
your answer will be in the poll!


If you see someone creating lots of polls that you're interested in, you may want to
follow them.

Creating Polls

Once you're ready to create your own poll, just click the "CREATE POLL" button
in the top right hand corner of the screen. Choose the type of poll you want
(Standard is the easiest to get started with) and fill out the poll-creating form.
Click create and have your poll be available to the whole world!

Private Polls

Not everyone wants their polls to be open for the world to see.
Some people want privacy for their polls. Luckily, Midzy offers just that with our Private Polls.
At the bottom of the poll creation form (, you will find a "yes | no" section
that says "Private Poll". Make sure yes is selected if you want your poll to be private,
which means it can only be accessed by URL.

Title Tags

At Midzy, we like to recognize our involved community members. That's why we
introduced titles. If you earn a title, you will know by the plate next to your name
whenever you publish a poll. There are many different types of titles, and they can
all be earned by being an active user. Here is a list:


Poll Incentives

Not every poll is fun to answer. That's why we allow for our users to offer incentives
for other people to answer their poll. In the poll creation form, their is an optional
field where you can paste a URL to a coupon or other goody. This URL will be
given to whomever answers the poll!