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Many organizations today just slap a Facebook or Twitter together in a weak attempt to build a social media presence. And many organizations today gain very little traction with their campaigns. That’s why Midzy is a huge opportunity for you. Research shows polls are far and away the best way to get customer engagement. With polls, you can immediately see what your fans think with a few clicks on Midzy. Then let them follow, share, favorite, like, and comment on your inquiries. Give some incentive to answer less appealing polls (how was your experience?) with coupons and freebies. Everyone wins.

You can even use Midzy to help those troubled Twitter and Facebook accounts. Include a link to one of your polls in a tweet or post, and let your fans talk to you about it there too!



Our platform is the culmination of people of all cultures and interests adding and contributing to our growing database of polls and stats. You’ll have funny, sad, fascinating, educational, and everything in between experiences while browsing and creating content that we’ll never censor. Midzy is made for you.

Plus you get sweet deals, coupons, and free passes when answering certain polls that awesome companies/people make.